The Brief

Barnsley Council were keen to promote their Enterprise Scheme, which supports start-up businesses by young adults. As the old TEC tower block was in need of brightening up, they decided to use the latter to achieve the former! They put the initiative out to tender, and they liked what City Dressing proposed, which was a massive graphic wrap several floors up that would be visible across the city…but with a twist.

The Solution

The BID had selected a number of new young businesses that looked like they would enjoy a bright future, so being the experts in virtual reality, we set about showing how things might develop. It isn’t impossible that a bit down the line, these young entrepreneurs might find themselves occupying space in an office block like this one, so we created the world’s first Augmented Reality Office. Using image recognition software, passers-by need only to point their smartphone cameras to scan the ‘offices’. This would magically reveal a startling amount of information on those new companies; from products and services through to latest offers and promotions.

The Outcome

A building that was never what you might call an architectural draw, was suddenly attracting a whole lot of attention. Best of all, traffic to the start-up websites increased several fold, so who knows;  maybe those very same young people will be hanging out around the watercoolers of the old TEC tower quite soon now.