City Dressing


City Dressing transforms spaces. We work on solutions for city centres, streets and individual properties.

We work to improve the city environment and brand city centres using outdoor media. This ranges from massive building banners to individual lamp column banners with information on the City.

We help market the city or town through the use of messaging on outdoor media. Examples to include banners with facts about the city displayed on flagpoles, lamp columns or buildings.

Using our Street Media Model we raise revenue by selling sponsorship on out door media.

City Dressing is a major resource for Christmas. We have created projection shows, interactive floor shows, advent calendars and original light features to complement and upgrade existing Christmas schemes.

Over 12 years of installing city centre structures we have broken a number of records to include the largest hand painted floor graphic, the largest advent calendar in 2009 and in 2013 the largest artificial Christmas Tree in Liverpool.


How to communicate the core attributes of your city

How to attract inward investment

How to involve local business in the community

How to transform the ‘Look’ and feel of your city

Transform your street and public places with temporary branding solutions

Create effective communication strategies using pre existing infrastructure

Leverage off street furniture and lamp columns to create additional revenue for the city