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Engage And Interact This Christmas

Christmas is the biggest retail show. City Dressing has developed the most effective solutions to increase footfall, spend and actively engage with your community. Our services include:  

Santa’s Post Office

The City Dressing Christmas Experience, is a magical experience for the whole family. Our seasonal graphics cover the outside of the shop (with or without our Christmas Augmented Reality Game). They hide the transformation that takes place inside from prying eyes, big and small. What is finally revealed is our wonderful Santa’s Post Office. In the centre of the room a huge table is covered with stickers and glitter. There, the children, ably assisted by our elves, write their letters before posting them in the child height post box. Imagine how thrilled they are when Santa replies a few days later! All around the snowy room there are twinkling lights, reindeers, sleighs, trees, beautiful decorations and piles of brightly wrapped presents, all ready for Santa to deliver.  

Advent Calendars

Our unique interactive calendar draws in Christmas shoppers. Each day open one window to reveal a sponsored message, a seasonal offer or a picture created by local children. An advent calendar can cover the side of a building or just a shop window

Bespoke Wrapping

City Dressing can convert any surface into an interactive Christmas graphic. We can also supply a range of free standing information towers, light projections and floor graphics. All of these can be positioned inside or outside the centre.

Digital App

Provide an Augmented Reality Advent Calendar game, merging the physical environment with the digital. By downloading the app from the Apple App Store or Android Market shoppers can use the augmented reality feature, point the camera at the physical calendar and reveal the calendar pair matching game. Tap the doors to match a pair and see what vouchers, videos or promotions are revealed. Click here to see our latest Christmas Brochure